work1For as long as I can remember, me and my family members have been coping with a foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. This is when the plantar fascia tendon in your feet starts to get all inflamed and it thickens, causing you much pain in your foot. The reason why it sucks so much to have this, is because you will feel this pain constantly. Even when you are sitting down your feet can curt from this. It’s a very painful affliction and you will want to avoid it at all costs. The plantar fascia is a tendon that hardly anybody knows about, but you do need to know about it if you are suffering from this condition just like I am.

The thing with this condition is that it is heriditary, meaning that if your dad and your mom have suffered from it, then it is highly likely that you will suffer from it as well. But it is not like you are completely powerless against it, because there are plenty of things you can do in order to improve your position against this looming affliction. All hope is not lost once you have it, even though it is always endlessly better to completely avoid it in the first place.

work2Like with any other condition of the human body, you are more likely to develop this when you are putting a big strain on your body. This happens when you are either overweight, or you have a job that requires standing up all day long. Some people have a combination of both, even though being overweight is less likely for people who have to stand all day long in order to perform their job… because standing up burns more calories then you would think. Sitting is the new smoking, doncha know. But seriously, if you are both overweight as well as standing up all day long, then you are at risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

Not only do working people suffer from it, hikers have it too. Hikers love to take long hikes on rough terrains. This can be quite a burden to the feet. That is why it is so important to have good hiking boots that will give your feet the support and the safety that they require. But it is the same thing when you are working. Let’s say that you are a hair dresser, or you are working in a shop and you constantly have to walk around and service customers that come into the shop. Or you might be a police officer who is walking around outside all day long to keep an eye out for trouble. Or you might be a construction workers, who is constantly having to lift and drag heavy objects from A to B. Or you might be a baker, who has to stand up, bake bread and sell it to his customers all day long. There are plenty of jobs that require people to stand up for long times at a time. And then I haven’t even mentioned soldiers yet.

If you do not have good footwear, then you are at risk of getting an inflamed plantar fascia. And this is often paired with heel spur. You know what they say right? Misery loves company. And nothing could be closer to the truth than with feet problems. Your feet are your everything and you will need to take care of them. So you need to get yourself some good working boots that give your feet lots of room for movement, but yet give you a lot of support as well. When you are standing on old, trodden down shoes that your mom gave you when you were 15, then you are basically just asking for trouble with your feet.

work3I recently came across a website which is called the Boot Bomb. I read up on the topic there. I sure did learn a whole lot from reading that website. That guy Brian sure knows his stuff. He has written, like, a hundred thousands words of awesome content that is all about boots. He is a fanatical hiker himself and he has also coped with plantar fasciitis. He bought boots to prevent this condition especially for his hiking hobby. He knows all the best boots there are to be had. So when Brian is talking, you listen. Good work boots against plantar fasciitis are boots that have a flexible sole, so that it rolls along with the motion of your feet with every step. And they will also have to have cupped heels, so that they give your heels lots of support.

Your heels and the areas around hem are the main pain spots for plantar fasciitis. For that reason, you need very good heel support in your boots. So you better make sure that your inner soles have a proper form when you buy new boots. You can’t easily check this when you are buying boots online, but you can still read the specs and you can also read the reviews. There are plenty of great boots to be bought online, but you will have to take time to do your research. Because when you are shopping in brick & mortar stores, then you are taking your time to try shoes on and whatnot, aren’t you? Well, it’s the same online. You can’t try them out, so you will have to look at what others are saying about them.

It is possible that your new boots’ inner soles aren’t good enough for your, personally, even when you’ve gone through great lengths to find out whether they were good or not. In that case, you might want to get a pair of orthotics insoles, which usually offer better support than the default stock inner soles that always come with new shoes and boots. And if you are totally serious about having the best support that is possible, then you will want to get your insoles custom measured and made. That way, they will wrap around your feet as if they were made for you. And indeed, they will have been! 😀

Watch this guy review some work boots. It’s a real blast!