close-gripThe last time that I had a good work out, is already some time ago. I have been very busy working on this very website that you are reading now. But now that the whole thing is up and running, I am definitely going back to the gym and see if I can’t work in some physical exercise again. I am starting to approach my fifties, and if I am not taking good care of myself, then I will grow a spare tire. And I don’t want that, so I’m going to do something about it right now. To be honest, I have had a great struggle with my weight pretty much all throughout my life. But the fact of the matter is that it is rather easy to stay in good shape, if only you are willing to get off the couch and drag your rear to the gym. Everybody can stay in shape with regular exercise.

burn-fat-gain-muscleNow, I’m just like everybody else. I would much prefer to be able to sit around on my lazy bum for an entire life. And I would still like to have my perfect body, without having to do anything for it, ofcourse. But we all know that this is a dream fantasy and it will never happen. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. Exercising on a regular basis is absolutely essential for those what want to get in good shape and maintain their good shape once they have managed to get it. I love to have a combination of indoor as well as outdoor exercise myself. I love to have variety in my life. They both have their down upsides and downside, and you’ve just got to take the best out of both worlds, if you catch my drift.

body-weight-exercisesI love going to the gym. The trouble is that you will get tired of it rather quickly if you have to do this every single day of your life. Sometimes, you will require some more fresh air. So sometimes, instead of going to the gym, I prefer to take a long walk instead. Walking for about 60 minutes can do you wonders. I find that an hour is exactly the right walking time. I am betting that a person could keep himself in good shape by simply taking walks on a frequent basis. You could easily stay slim well into your sixties, seventies and beyond. I have witnessed this effect with my very own eyes. My parents as well as my grand parents have exactly the same heriditary traits. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it, since I inherited my DNA from my parents and indirectly from my grand parents. In summary, when you are living a mostly sedentary lifestyle, then you are very likely to grow into a disgustingly obese human being. If only you can muster the motivation to get your rear in gear, then you are likely to get and stay in decent shape.

body-weight-artThere is much to learn from a website called The Bulk Board, regarding weight lifting and everything that has to do with it. It is run by a person named Barry Buchannon, and he obviously knows what he is talking about. He is even older than I am. But he does not let himself be held back by this fact. He simply supplements himself with testosterone boosters in order to keep his lifting performance at the same levels that he had in his thirties. He’s got many web pages up about the best kinds of weight lifting ‘stacks’, as a combination of supplements is called. I have seen him praise a booster called Pro Testosterone. But there is another one called Testofuel, which is said to be at least equally as good. He has got reviews up on both these boosters, so you may want to have a little read and inform yourself before you get into t boosters yourself. I do highly recommend that you check out his website and that you study it long and hard. This is some of the best information I have read in a long time. At first, I was not sure what to think of booster supplements. But now that I am properly informed, I can honestly say I will never look at this the same way again.

I have done many kinds of exercises throughout my life, but by far the most efficient one has got to be heavy weight lifting. I like to do cardio every once in a while, because I like variety in my life. But resistance training is definitely what ought to be playing the major role in your training schedule. Back in the eighties and nineties, people were recommending lots of cardio to anybody who was fat and needed to lose weight. But those people have long since swallowed their words. It’s just like the idiot idea that you need to decrease your fatty acid intake if you want to shed the pounds from your waist. These days, the emphasys is always on low carbo hydrates. And this has proven to work much, much better. It is endlessly better to go for medium protein intake in combination with high fat intake. And the carbs can take a back seat. This diet works well for most people that have tried it. You are guaranteed to get results on it. So just make it a lifestyle already.

I do not like thinking back to the days when I was cutting all of the fats out of my diet in the umpteenth attempt to lose weight. It would used to get my all irritated and aggrevated all the time. It got me very grumpy indeed. But in the last decade or so, clinical studies have proven time and time again, than high fat diets are actually very helpful in making you shed the weight. Eating fat apparently helps the body burning fat. Just try it out and see how your body responds. Fatty acids are the preferred fuel of your body. Carbs are what we eat most, but they are the lesser fuel. Too many carbs at a time will be stored by the body as fat. Fat, however, is usually burned right away and not stored… assuming you are not also loading up lots of carbs at the same time. It goes against most people’s intuition, but that is how it is. So just try the high fat diet already. And up your protein intake in favor of carbs. Then come back here and tell me how it went for you!