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Weep Holes

Many houses with a brick veneer exterior will have intentional gaps between the bricks, usually spaced equally apart, along the bottom course, including directly above openings, such as window openings. There areas of “missing” mortar have a purpose and should not be sealed. They are called weep holes.

Moisture can work its way through a brick exterior wall. Before it reaches the exterior sheathing, it reaches and runs down an air gap space. Weep holes allow this moisture to drain out of the air cavity. Furthermore, weep holes allow air to enter the cavity and pressurize this area, helping to reduce the amount of moisture driven through the brick veneer.


On the inspection, I check for the presence and condition of weep holes. Many brick exterior houses do not have weep holes though, so I do not report their absence. I do look for signs of exterior system failure – moisture intrusion.